Sale: Girls Nagajuban @ $4.00/lb; Brooklyn Venue News;Earthquake Update

April 22, 2016 Yoko Lewis

1.Announcing a sale on our Girls Nagajuban Package (110-GNAG) for US$4.00/lb, $40.00 . We need to make room for incoming inventory so are offering these on sale while supplies last. 
2. Next stop Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri, April 30 & May 1, 2016:
(Picture courtesy of Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, The Esplanade)

Vendor area will be open 10:00am to 5:00pm both days and we will be in the Osborne Garden again this year. This part of the BBG can be accessed directly from the gate to the right of the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238) on the northern side of BBG. We are bringing our vintage haori & michiyuki (kimono jackets), ladies robes(nagajuban), vintage kimono fabrics, scarves, obiage and many hand-made accessories and decor items we have made from our vintage kimonos. If you shop with us, to get a web discount, please tell us the password before you check out, 'ichiban'.
3. Kumamoto Earthquake Update:
Again, thanks to so many of you who have been sending your thoughts, prayers and messages of concern to us, we (and my sisters in Japan) really appreciate it. We are happy to say that all my family are out of shelter and back home. The aftershocks continue but they are subsiding in strength. All my family households have had what the Japanese call 'lifeline' restored -- water,gas,electric, and tonight my sister can cook their first home-cooked meal since the earthquake. Good news also that the main highways and train tracks were cleared yesterday so food and supplies are flowing into the region one week after the first quake. We are so grateful to have been spared what so many of our nearby neighbors were not, so we count our blessings. So,thanks again all for your support and encouragement, we really appreciate it.domo arigato gozaimashita. Yoko

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