Kumamoto Earthquake; Sakura Matsuri DC & Philly; Office Schedule

April 15, 2016 Yoko Lewis

As some of you have contacted us (and thanks for your concern) we want to let you know that Yoko's family in Kumamoto are all uninjured and accounted for. Some are in evacuation centers until the aftershocks stop but none of the family houses have sustained major damage, only very scared and rattled occupants with some minor house  and household items damages. The epicenter is very near to Yoko's hometown and damage is severe not far from them.

They just had another aftershock which was the same strength (7 on Japanese scale) at 1:44am Japan Time, so we don't know how everyone is now. Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. We'll advise once we know.

Nonetheless, we leave shortly for Washington DC Sakura Matsuri tomorrow and Philadelphia's on Sunday. Links and details at:  www.yokodana.com/venues

OFFICE HOURS: Closed, returning Tuesday, April 19th. Limited emails during our absence but site shop is open and accepting orders.

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