Conversion to new Shopify platform near completion; New Fabric Pricing

March 16, 2016 Yoko Lewis

We have put all our pages and products onto our present yokodanakimono.com URL and all are accessible and totally functional. We will resolve new platform to the yokodana.com address by the weekend and announce here and our social media pages once our primary domain, www.yokodana.com resolves to new platform.

In the interim, we are busy preparing for our first venue of the season in Brooklyn April 2-3, 2016 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot GrandBallroom. Details here on this blog and on our Facebook Page a bit closer to the event. If you ever come to a venue, please always tell us you are a web customer or visitor to our site, as we'll give you a discount at the show.

Fabrics:  We have re-priced all our fabrics to reflect a change from our including shipping cost in item price. As part of that we have effectively lowered all our fabrics by piece prices, lowest being US$5.00 per yard. To check out our new catalog please use the tab at top of page 'Catalogue'. You can also search by collection (we've grouped fabrics by types) and also by keywords. We are very pleased that this set up is SO much easier to use (and administer) than our former web site. To go to fabrics-by-pieces touch HERE or use tabs at top of each page.

Bulk Kimono Packages:

We have completed filling most back and pre-orders of the bulk kimono packages. The "A Packages" continue to be hot sellers and it is probable that we will have to go to wait list again soon. So if you're planning a routine purchase of a bulk kimono package you might let us know or go ahead and submit a pre-order. Contact us for any questions on that.


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