Site Upgrade Status; Wait-List info

February 21, 2016 Yoko Lewis

1 Quick FYI about our move to the new site platform (via shopify.com):
For those of you who even care about these technical things :}, we are steadily moving current pages of yokodana.com to the new platform. Once we've converted all our pages, everything will resolve to our main URL address, www.yokodana.com. Until then, you'll see combinations from both yokodanakimono.com and yokodana.com.
REMINDER: We've added fabrics onto the yokodanakimono.com platform which are NOT on yokodana.com. Also, the new platform shows clearly which bulk kimono packages are in stock and can be ordered.
2. Wait-List for Bulk Kimonos:
We expect to resume filling our A Package and other wait-list bulk kimono packages early in March. If you are on the wait list, we'll email you when we approach your ship date.
Otherwise, we're in full gear preparing for our first venue in Brooklyn the first weekend in April at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, and the Cherry Blossom Festivals to follow.

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