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February 28, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Update February 28, 2016:
We continue to transition from our current (and, we know, ancient :} ) web platform on www.yokodana.com to a current and very user-friendly platform using the technology of shopify.com. We expect to take weeks to fully convert all our old information pages and products to the new platform. When done we will still use our URL www.yokodana.com as primary address on the web.
In the interim, for our regular repeat visitors you will notice a few things during the transition:
1. You'll see pages with a yokodana.com URL (our old look) and pages with a temporary URL, yokodanakimono.com. As we progress there will be fewer and fewer of our old pages. Once complete, all pages will again resolve to our yokodana.com address, so no need to change any bookmarks.
2. For those of you looking at our fabrics-by-piece, here are a few things which will make it easier for you during our transition:
  •  All of the fabrics on page one of yokodana.com have been sold and a handful moved to our new platform.
  • Fabrics posted from February 5, 2016 onward will be priced as follows: Most Silks @ US$8.00/yard, Cottons @$5-7/yard. Shipping no longer included in pricing.


We have completed putting all our bulk kimono packages and related FAQ etc pages to the new platform. Links to these yokodana.com pages should automatically point you to the proper package description or information page, which will now show a yokodanakimono.com address.  

We will receive our replenishments within a few days so will resume shipping our main product, Women's Silk "A Package" late next week. Those on the wait list will have their orders filled first. As we've explained in our blog and to Facebook fans in the past, the better "A" kimonos are becoming harder to procure throughout Japan. As a result, we end up with a wait list due to the number of 'regulars' who buy A Packages routinely throughout the year. So, the vintage trend for our "A Packages" more often than not has been that the demand often exceeds supply.  FWIW. And thanks for your patience during this transition to a more user-friendly website.

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