What's New on YokoDana.com? 35% Fabric Sale; Bulk Kimono Packages in stock

February 15, 2018 Yoko Lewis

YokoDana Kimono

 What's New at YokoDana Kimono | www.yokodana.com ?


Bulk Kimono Packages:

With the exception of our 1940's Meisen Silk Kimono(110-MSN) packages, we're pretty much back in stock for our main packages.
(Note FYI: Because they are becoming increasingly scarce we are selling these 1940's meisen packages now to back-list only, as they go out as soon as we get them in stock based on the wait-list. Please check out the waitlist info below (#2) if interested in the meisens.

To see our list of all bulk kimono packages, with links to each package, please click-push HERE:


We are back in a good supply of our hands-down favorite package, women's "A Package" (110-A) silk kimonos which had been on back order till mid-January. However, they continue to sell fast and if the present rate of sales continues we may go to wait-list for them again in March. We encourage our routine repeat buyers to plan ahead and check in with us if your needs change.


Because some of our packages are harder to come by seasonally, we've been using a wait-list for those packages. For details on how our wait-list works, please see link below:


3. Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabrics, by yard, piece and lot:

See these Collections starting HERE.

You can also see them via our site search at link below:


You can browse our webshop or search by keywords and collections as well:


4. ANNOUNCING 35% Fabrics Sale on select by-yard/piece fabrics numbered up to our catalog # 5276:


a. Minimum purchase $15.00(merchandise cost).

b. Fabric pieces on sale are catalog numbers up to number 5276.

c. Remember that for USA customers, shipping under 4 pounds is included.

d. 35% discount will be automatically applied to applicable sale items during check-out. If for some reason code does not work, we'll apply the refund when we confirm the order.

e. Please USE FOLLOWING CODE During check-out:


(Please note that this code does NOT go in the 'notes' area in the website cart order page, but in the 'apply discount' field on the following page which  you see after you click to 'check out-pay'.)


In the last week or so we've added new and interesting fabrics of varying types to our by-piece / yard collections, to include a beautifully embroidered silk runner, #5408 :

 To see our more recently posted items look for product numbers above 5390.

Search through our various Collections starting HERE.

See us on Facebook.

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