Several of our customers have been talking about these lovely shoes made from kimono fabrics. We went to the site and were so impressed with what we saw that we contacted Hetty Rose in the U.K. and offered to showcase these lovely creations here. We welcome her to our gallery and hope you enjoy these splendid examples of what can be done with vintage kimonos. Yoko Lewis

Hetty Rose: Handmade Shoes to Order (U.K)

About Hetty her own words:

I design and hand make shoes to order in a small workshop in Essex, UK. You can view the current Kimono Collection online at , choose a style, and have it made to measure and in a vintage kimono fabric of your choice. The shoes start from £260 and take approximately 6 weeks to cut, stitch and make.

The process includes taking measurements and photos of your feet and then (if you are based in the UK) we would do a fitting at a half-way stage. If you live abroad it is also possible to have your dream shoes made. I can explain how to measure your own feet (its not too difficult!) and then email/post the information over to me here at the workshop and then go from there.

Recent News & Reviews

Selected as one of the exhibitors at London Fashion Week's Estethica section to raise awareness and promote the concept of sustainable fashion, the fabulous Spring Summer 08 collection shoes were displayed for all eyes to see. And what a popular collection they were!

As with the previous collection, the Spring Summer delights are based on the philosophy of re-using wonderful vintage kimono fabrics in a creative and sustainable way, hand crafting unique, feminine shoes to fit.

You will be delighted to know you can get your mitts on a selection of our precious handmade clutch bags in the (London) East End's gem of a boutique, Cerise:

Hetty Rose has recently been featured in several publications: InStyle magazine, Style Will Save Us online magazine and Out on a Limb footwear magazine.

For more details, see the Press page on her website.

We thank Hetty very much for sharing her work with us, and for allowing it to be shared with our visitors here in the site gallery.

Yoko Lewis


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